Thursday, June 5, 2008

NAMES Celebrate 12 Years

Denver Herald-Dispatch
May 22, 2008
Vol. 87 - No. 21

NAMES celebrates 12 years
Written by Lynda Nuttal and Joshua Cole

On April 15, the Native American Multi-Cultural Education School turned 12. To celebrate, NAMES had a barbecue lunch on April 19 with past graduates and friends to NAMES.
Twelve years ago, on April 15, 1996, NAMES GED School opened its doors in a church five blocks from the current location at 3600 Morrison Road (one block south of Alameda). Since that eventful week, the school has helped more than 1,200 students improve their academic skills.
Founder Lynda Nuttal appealed for help with letters to the editor of both the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. Both dailies printed her letter, and she received $1,9000, three months’ rent for the new building.
When NAMES first opened, it had two small classrooms: one had no windows and the other had no heat. Yet, those students had the vision and the heat from their determined passion to pass the GED. Throughout the years, many students have received their GEDs. All who tried improved their education. There have been 249 graduates from NAMES and each has been special because nobody gave up on his or her dream.
Although students pay a small facility fee to participate ($35 initiation, plus $15 per month), NAMES is funded by grants and other donations.
NAMES planted its garden on May 17, and its next graduation is scheduled for June 25.